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Welcome to your driving school in Bern, Switzerland!

Whether you’re looking to get a new Swiss license, have an international drivers license or you simply hold a driving license from your home country – we’re here for you.

Our driving school – Bernerfahrschule – has been helping people on their way to a Swiss drivers license for over ten years. We offer driving lessons in Bern with an english speaking driving instructor, to make it easy for you to either swap your current license or obtain a new car or motorcycle drivers license.

How to get your swiss drivers license

Note that the following applies to several driving licenses, whether it be car driving, riding a motorcycle, or trucking – and yes, Switzerland even has a special permit for some types of e-bikes 😊

If you don’t currently have any drivers license

If you don’t currently have a drivers license, you can get a Swiss driving license following the regular process. This includes attending a first aid course, getting an exam at an optometrist, doing the theoretical drivers test (a standardized test, focused on street signs and traffic rules in Switzerland), followed by driving lessons and a training course on the basics of traffic, rules and behavior on the road. – We’ll happily assist you navigating this process. It’s easier than may sound.

If you hold an international driving license

Your international driving license is valid in Switzerland, if combined with your national drivers license. It basically serves as a translation of your national license (therefore, official translations, which aren’t exact “international drivers licenses” are valid as well). If you are planning to stay in Switzerland for more than 12 months, you will need to apply for a Swiss drivers license. See how that works in the next paragraph.

If you hold a national drivers license

If your license is from an EU or EEA country, you can simply exchange your current national drivers license for a Swiss drivers license – no exams and tests needed.

If your license is from any other country and you are planning to drive casually (as in “not as part of your profession”) you will have to do a driving test (called “Kontrollfahrt”) – and if you plan to drive professionally (as in “for work, as a driver of a company”) you will have to additionally take the traffic theory exam.

If you are uncertain where to start, and what rules apply, just shoot us a message, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

Kontrollfahrt Training

If you are required to take a driving test when exchanging your national drivers license for a Swiss driving license, we suggest to take a few lessons with a driving instructor. This ensures your understanding of Swiss traffic and its laws is correct, but even more so to experience what the driving test (“Kontrollfahrt”) you will be taking is about.

As part of those driving lessons we’ll first assess your level of driving together, and then identify if any specific training is needed. Then we’ll discuss the next steps to get your Swiss drivers license.

Driving Lessons Online Booking

At our driving school you can book your car driving lessons or your motorcycle driving lessons right here, online. We’ll give you a quick call to confirm the booking with you. – Note that the booking site is in german currently, but the calendar should be easy enough to navigate 😊

If you’re uncomfortable with the form on the online booking page, you can also reach out to us by email.

Drivers License Categories Switzerland

While there’s a broad spectrum of categories (ranging from a tractor’s license to heavy machinery licenses) the following driving licenses in Switzerland are probably the most important for you to know about.

BThis category covers regular cars.
A1This category covers “small motorcycles” (up to 125ccm).
AThis category covers motorcycles beyond 125ccm.
Short overview of Swiss driving licenses.

Anything unanswered here? Let us know!

If you still find the process too magic, or if you’re uncertain what exactly applies to your situation, just reach out to us. We’ll be happy to assist you to get your swiss drivers license as efficiently and quickly as possible.