We are your driving instructor in Bern

We are your driving instructor in Bern

Driving Lessons in English

As one of the few driving schools in Bern, we’re offering driving lessons in english, to help you get your Swiss Driving License – or, if you already hold a driving license from another country, exchange your license for a Swiss one.

New Car Driving License

If you don’t currently hold a driving license from another country and want to drive in Switzerland, the process for getting the Category B License (cars) or one of the Category A Licenses (motorcycles) is identical for you as for Swiss citizens: you’ll take a first-aid course, get a short eye exam at an optometrist, take the practical theory test (which is all about Swiss driving laws and traffic) after which you can start taking driving lessons. In parallel to the lessons you’ll attend what’s called a “Verkehrskundekurs” (also: “VKU”) followed by the practical driving exam.

Existing Driving License

If you already hold a driving license from another country, you can exchange that for a Swiss license. In fact you’ll have to exchange it if you’re planning to stay in Switzerland for more than 12 months (if so, start early to ensure there are no gaps in your allowance to drive). The process for exchanging your current license differs slightly depending on where the license was first issued. It always starts with an eye exam, a filled out exchange form and a passport picture of yourself though.


You can find everything about both cases on our new page about driving lessons in english. – And since we haven’t translated all the content on our site yet, we are more than happy if you reach out to us, so we can discuss your specific case.

Happy driving in Switzerland, and welcome!